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Refective post

So far the process of writing a unit plan has been very confusing and over whelming. Iv written a lot of lesson plans but never in this way or this in depth and it kind of makes me want to curl up in a ball. The ISTE-S standards page is slightly hard to unpack but once you focus on on standard its slightly easier to breakdown. Another frustrating part is trying to add technology asspects to the lesson, as a person who went to all art based schools and isn’t as technology savy as a lot of people its really hard for me to pick something because I’m more drawn to the art aspect of things. A good website for people who aren’t technology savy is a Web 2.0 website that shows  you lots of different APPS and websites that you can possiably use in your lesson plans. As of right now I just feel very lost in this project and aren’t quite sure what direction I should be moving in.