Fostering student creativity with multimedia

In recent discussions of using multimedia in the classroom, a controversial issue has been whether multimedia in the classroom is a usfull or distracting tool. On one hand some argue that multimedia distracts students from learning. From this prospective, using multimedia tools would take away from actual learning and bring in to many other componants for children to not become disratcted. on the other hand, however, other argue that multimedia tools help enhance studet learning in a way we never could before. According to this view, having students use multimedia tools, gives them a different outlet to be creative and help those who have a hard time with traditional teaching styles. In sum then, the issue is whether or not multimedia tools helps students reach their full learning potential or is hindering them with distractions.

In my own opinion, multimedia in the classroom can be both beneficial and distracting, depending on the way it is used in the classroom. As a SPED teacher I believe I will use lots of multimedia in my classroom with my students. Some multimedia tools might be to over stimulating for SPED students, but I plan to use it as much as possible to help my students achieve the best learning that they can.


2 thoughts on “Fostering student creativity with multimedia

  1. Loved your post! Your voice in this was very present, almost like you were reading it to me! I totally agree with your view that using multimedia in the classroom can bring on many benefits, if used appropriately. As educators, we must use the tools given to us effectively in order to produce results. Great post!


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